Sharon is a joy to work with. She’s enthusiastic, thorough, and adaptable, and I know I’m always getting her best work. Sharon really knows how to get to the heart of a story and channels an informative and friendly voice in everything she writes for us. She’s an excellent go-to for clean, well-written copy and quick turnarounds.

Jessica Banks, Health Editor, Sleepopolis


I highly recommend Sharon as a freelance writer. Working with her as an editor is a joy. She’s full of story ideas and always comes in with engaging copy that is well-researched. Sharon has a natural instinct for news and chooses story ideas that are both timely and clicky.

Rose Palazzolo, Digital Editor, Writer, Manager, Content Strategist

“Sharon has been such a pleasure to work with! She is always eager and excited to tackle any topic or angle I throw at her and is equally adaptable and helpful when it comes to refreshing older content and brainstorming new ideas. I can always trust that she will use her extensive knowledge of SEO best practices to ensure the content is well-written and researched. Sharon is also just very pleasant and fun to work with — I highly recommend her for any and all content needs!”

Katie Maguire, Sr. Commerce Editor, Hunker


“Working with Sharon has been wonderful. She brings great ideas to the table and writes articles that are right on target and represent our brand voice well. Sharon is always on time, professional, and easy to work with. She has helped to reinvigorate our blog and newsletters. We highly recommend Sharon to anyone looking for well-written content and articles.”

Mika Leah, Founder & CEO of Goomi Group 


“Sharon is a fantastic writer and journalist. She’s adept at tackling a wide range of editorial assignments, from in-depth topics to journalistically sourced articles, to quicker-hitting blog posts. In a very short period of time, Sharon learned our editorial guidelines and adapted her writing to our brand’s tone of voice on a consistent basis. Sharon works fast, meets her deadlines consistently, and communicates well, a combination which makes her an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Patrick Burke, Head of Organic Growth, Moshi 


“Sharon is a pleasure to work with. She has a keen attention to detail, her copy is clean and I can always count on her to file assignments on time. Sharon is one of my go-to writers for beauty, parenting, and home content and I look forward to continuing to work with her in 2022.”

Kara Cuzzone, Associate Deals Editor, Forbes Vetted


“Sharon’s cheerful personality shines through in her writing. Not only is her written content approachable and friendly, but it’s always thorough, well-researched, and written with SEO success in mind. I am also constantly impressed by her open line of communication, speedy turnarounds, and willingness to take on tough assignments. I can’t recommend working with her enough!”

Nicole Bradley Kinning, Editor, Hometalk 


“Sharon has become essential to the growth of our company’s blog content. She’s consistently delivered fresh pitch ideas on a wide range of topics while still keeping SEO best practices and our brand voice in mind. Sharon’s writing style is a combination of our entire brand ethos — fresh, fun, and informative, and we’re so happy to have her as a partner.”

Brittany Johnson, Senior Content Manager, Brand Marketing at Mayvenn


“Sharon is plugged into current trends and pitched me timely stories with a broad appeal. Her stories include meaningful and helpful details for the reader that guide them to make the right purchase for their needs. Sharon is also a pleasure to work with, as she brings a positive attitude, she’s eager to take in suggestions, and she’s willing to go the extra mile to include an expert source or more details to make a story soar.”

Jessica Kasparian Beauty Editor, Reviewed


“Sharon is an incredible writer and wonderful to work with. She is extremely professional and reliable.  She has the ability to work well independently yet also has great collaborative skills.  I highly recommend Sharon to anyone looking for well-written content and articles.” 

Jordana Neeman, Content Manager, Select Justice 



“Sharon was a pleasure to work with. Her writing skills are top-notch. The project was completed very successfully and in a timely manner. Looking forward to working with her on future projects.” 

Jon Jeriko, Zenfully Good